About us

So much more than just a rec2rec agency

Our aim is to restore the feel good factor to an industry that all too often holds recruiters (it's very lifeblood) back from from true career empowerment.

Thanks to our award winning career transformation formula, we can liberate recruiters from roles that repress them and unleash their true potential.

Everything we do is focused on helping Recruiters, through skills training, mindset or creating new career opportunities.

We want to create a safe haven for recruiters to gain advice, access free training and guides and gain industry insight from experts about how to tranform their career with a better quality of firm.

Whatever your goals we can connect you with training, tools, mentoring or career opportunities to suit you.


OUR PROMISE: You will only ever deal with a team member that has genuine expertise in their market that can offer insight, knowledge and advice you can trust.

ETHICAL Recruitment

OUR PROMISE: Total honesty and transparency at all times. You're putting your career in our hands - we don't take that responsibilty lightly. 


OUR PROMISE: Everything we do is focused on improving your career choices, earnings, happiness and work life balance. We want to empower you to be the best you can be.


While we are very focused on helping recruitment professionals to make life enhancing career moves as a rec2rec agency we just as busy serving our industry in other ways.

Our belief is that ultimate career success is made possible through our SME formula:

Providing free online training and guides for recruiters of all levels.
Creating paid training events and webinars for on demand results
Designing an implementing bespoke training sessions and events for key clients.

Helping recruiters unleash their true potential
Eradicating limiting beliefs
Creating a winning mindset
Success Mapping

Our rec2rec service 
Consultancy projects for key clients
Mentoring groups and teams for ultimate workplace enagement


To create an environment where recruitment professionals can achieve career transformation.


Our aim is to restore the feel good factor to an industry that too often holds recruiters (it's very lifeblood) back from true career empowerment. 


Born in 2011 in Cambridge, Recruiter Republic has grown to an established business with offices in London & Cambridge serving London & South East. 


Expanding our London and Cambridge teams. New rebrand and new website with a whole suite of tools for recruiters.