• Why Recruiters should Eat Frogs for Breakfast...

    Date posted: 02 Mar 2018

    Eat the frog... what the f***?   Anyone that knows us has probably seen our posts encouraging Recruiters to adopt a winning or “big billing” mindset. But recently we had one...

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  • The top 5 reasons you lose vacancies (and placements) as a Recruiter

    Date posted: 02 Mar 2018

    Wondering why you're losing vacancies?   Have you noticed the rise in complaints on LinkedIn recently? There seems to be a rising level of frustration across our recruiter network when...

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  • Squad Goals or Nah?

    Date posted: 20 Nov 2017

    Your recruitment squad, tribe, team, whatever you want to call it, can be just as big a contributor to your success or failure in recruitment as your own work, skills and mindset. Before calling...

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  • How do you know if you're being held back?

    Date posted: 26 Oct 2017

    Understanding your value in recruitment is difficult. There is no easily identifiable and reliable source of information that will tell you what good, great and exceptional looks like in terms of...

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  • GDPR

    Date posted: 29 Sep 2017

    I’m a Recruiter and I love what GDPR will do for recruitment….   Now before you start throwing stones hear me out. I know it is a pain to implement anything compliance related...

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  • It's time to change the way you fish

    Date posted: 25 Sep 2017

    Times have changed. Today, candidates and clients behave like consumers. So why are so many recruitment agencies still using ‘client’ and ‘candidate’ speak and talking only...

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  • The Best Recruitment Revenge Stories

    Date posted: 14 Sep 2017

    It’s no secret that being a recruiter can be stressful at times. At times, it can feel as though you’re juggling grenades, working tirelessly for candidates and clients that abuse your...

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  • It's a marriage not a one-night stand

    Date posted: 26 Jul 2017

    In today’s digital world your website has to work hard to deliver your brand values, engage your target audience and encourage candidates to identify themselves to you.  Your site has...

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  • CODE RED: I haven't got my promotion and now I'm .....

    Date posted: 24 Jul 2017

    I’ll let you fill in the blanks….   Hell hath no fury like a Recruiter scorned. We’ve all been there at some point. We get promised a promotion. We take the Boss...

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  • Recruiters - You're Stronger Than You Know!

    Date posted: 23 May 2017

    You're a Recruiter. Or so your LinkedIn profile states... But we both know that you’re so much more than that. Being a Recruitment Consultant today, or to be a good one anyway,...

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  • KPIs: Cash me ousside howbowdah

    Date posted: 12 May 2017

    Now, before I’m accused of sounding like a teenager throwing a tantrum, I need to be clear: I love recruitment. I am still a recruiter today and I am not saying all KPIs are bad BUT...

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  • Recruiter Republic WINS at Recruiter Awards 2017

    Date posted: 05 May 2017

    The Recruitment industry event of the year What a night! I couldn’t be more proud of the team here, or more thankful to all of our wonderful candidates who all made it possible for us to WIN...

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  • 5 Warning Signs Recruiters Should Not Ignore in Interview

    Date posted: 19 Apr 2017

    So you’ve decided to move on. You’re sure there’s something better out there. You want to join a firm that will value you more and invest in the tools and training you need to...

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  • 5 Free Tools Every Recruiter Must Use

    Date posted: 23 Mar 2017

    We all know that a day in the life of a Recruiter is a busy one. In today's digital age, we also have the added demands of managing our online and social media presence too. As a result, the...

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  • Recruiters - 5 Red Flags You Must Never Ignore

    Date posted: 10 Mar 2017

    Sometimes it's easy to ignore the warning signs.  The warning signs that you’re in the wrong firm and that you’re fighting a losing battle. The signs that say no matter...

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  • 5 Time Hacks for Billing Managers

    Date posted: 15 Feb 2017

    As a Manager that also produces personal fees you are, without a doubt, time poor.    This blog is part of our series of videos and blogs offering free tips and tricks to management...

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  • Recruiters - don't let the little pricks get to you!

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2017

    Now before we receive an onslaught of complaints about language, let me explain what I am talking about. As Recruiters we deal with a lot of stress and rejection on a daily basis, add the...

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  • A Recruiter's Guide to a Stress Free Christmas

    Date posted: 07 Dec 2016

    Let’s face it, there’s no point having a break unless it feels like a break but most Recruiters know that any kind of break often leads to a pipeline that mysteriously dries up...

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  • You are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with

    Date posted: 16 Nov 2016

    “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”   If any of you are Tony Robbins or Jim Rohn fans you may have heard of this theory before. But what does it...

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  • The Great Divide - Which Side Are You On?

    Date posted: 27 Oct 2016

    Are you working for a firm that's investing and growing, or cutting costs and shrinking?    Despite certain fears concerning the fallout of Brexit, the recruitment market is...

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  • Recruiters - The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with One Step

    Date posted: 24 Oct 2016

    Here's Our Advice on How to Get Started Again Once You've Hit a Roadblock Never has a phrase been so relevant to the life of a Recruiter. No matter who we are, how successful we have...

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  • Recruiters - You Have to Know When to Stop!

    Date posted: 17 Oct 2016

    Sometimes, as a Recruiter, you can feel that you’re pushing water uphill. Convincing candidates to attend the interview, go back for a 2nd interview, not accept that counter. Chasing...

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  • Recruiters - 6 Signs You're Working For The Wrong Firm

    Date posted: 19 Sep 2016

    It's amazing how many recruiters sit unhappy in their roles, and it takes a major incident to shock them out of their career inertia. So, don’t wait for things to go stale. Assess how you...

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  • Watch This Spectacular Recruiter Fail!

    Date posted: 02 Sep 2016

    Many of you may have already seen this Recruiter from Harrow gain a lot of interest, for all the wrong reasons, during a recent X-factor audition broadcast last week. If you’re anything like us...

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  • Recruitment Training - It's All Wrong

    Date posted: 27 Jul 2016

    Attitude vs Skills - What Do Recruiters Need Most?  So, let's start with this. Look at the image on the right. Imagine that's your neck, and somebody is pressing a metal arrow tip...

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  • Recruiter Republic attends Recruiter Awards 2016

    Date posted: 05 May 2016

    THE EVENT OF THE YEAR IN RECRUITMENT Wow! What a night we had a this year's Recruiter Awards. Having spent a lot of time with my fellow judges scoring entries the hard work of...

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  • An open letter to rec2rec agencies

    Date posted: 28 Apr 2016

    I hate the term rec2rec. It has too many negative connotations and back in the day, before I launched my own, my experience with rec2rec agencies was poor to say the least. The many...

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  • Why Billing Managers have the toughest job in recruitment

    Date posted: 14 Mar 2016

    I've said it before and I will say it again - the Billing Manager has the toughest job in recruitment and I'm happy to argue this one out until the cows come home. Ok, so that...

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  • Sometimes it's ok to sack a client...

    Date posted: 23 Feb 2016

    I have been in recruitment since the late 90's and during that time I have operated at all ends of the market and if there's one lesson I have learned it is that all clients are not...

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  • How to manage meeting with that "difficult" team member

    Date posted: 18 Jan 2016

    So if you're a manager of staff within the recruitment sector you already know how easy it is for meetings to go badly wrong. You thought you were going in to address a simple issue but your...

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  • How to get your candidates to respond to your emails

    Date posted: 11 Jan 2016

    So we all know the rules. Face to face or phone work is always best when dealing with candidates. It’s the only way to really build rapport, qualify the candidate, identify need and close....

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  • 10 Easy ways to power up your sales calls

    Date posted: 08 Jan 2016

    - Smile & Dial - 10 before 10 - Power Hour - Blitz Whatever you call it there is always a time during your day where you need to attack a range of phone calls. Whether the nature of...

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  • 5 Things Accountancy & Finance Recruiters Should Consider Before Making a Career Move

    Date posted: 20 Oct 2015

    Your first year in accountancy & finance recruitment is often a time of great transformation, learning about a new industry, coping with hitting targets, understanding all the ups and downs we...

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  • Recruitment Has Changed - Why Recruitment Bosses Need To Adapt

    Date posted: 10 Oct 2015

    Let me share a recent conversation with a potential new client that totally sums up the glaring and growing gap between some recruitment bosses mindsets and those actually recruiting on the front...

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  • The blog about the blog thief

    Date posted: 07 Aug 2015

    First I was mad. Then I was bemused. Then I felt vengeful for a few minutes and then I laughed, a lot. The blatant theft of some of our recent blog posts is unfortunately a sad indication of how some...

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  • The Unplaceables - 8 candidate types that Recruiters will never place

    Date posted: 19 Feb 2015

    As a busy rec2rec agency we obviously come into contact with 100's of candidates every week and we know that we're not alone when it comes to dealing with candidates you just can't place....

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  • 8 Job Hunting Strategies for Trainee Recruiters

    Date posted: 10 Jul 2014

    The career opportunities available for both experienced and Trainee level Recruiters today are just fantastic. As more and more companies look to expand their teams, more and more opportunities are...

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  • Counter Offer Chaos

    Date posted: 20 May 2014

    I’ve worked in recruitment for more than 15 years. I have been Consultant, Manager, Director, Managing Director and Agency Owner in that time and have been involved in literally 1000’s of...

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  • Mobile Recruitment in 2014

    Date posted: 11 Feb 2014

    Many Recruitment Consultants, Managers and Directors remain in complete denial about the continued and accelerating use of mobile in recruitment. Whether you want to increase applications, build...

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  • Top 5 Signs That a Recruitment Consultant is Job Hunting

    Date posted: 06 Jan 2014

    It's that time of year when many Recruiters seem to be looking at new opportunities, and for us that's great. As the most proactive Rec2Rec firm in the UK, we love to help Recruitment...

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  • The One Where I Have a Pop At the Recruitment Agency Haters

    Date posted: 06 Jan 2014

    Ok so I'm going to apologise in advance if this reads like a bit of a rant...it is a bit.   I'm reading, and hearing, too many conversations and blog posts denigrating the work of...

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  • How to Deal With Indecisive Clients

    Date posted: 06 Jan 2014

    Ok - so we've all been there. You've met the client, you've taken a job specification, agreed selection criteria and agreed terms. All set - you're about to deliver a winning...

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  • Don't Blow It - Interview Strategies for Recruiters

    Date posted: 06 Jan 2014

    I hate to break it to you but now you have got through the first interview, the real work has only just begun. The mindset at second interview stage will make or break the opportunity for you. Now...

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  • Rec2Rec London

    Date posted: 27 Nov 2013

    Rec2rec London is a search commonly used by experienced Recruiters looking to relocate to London, or London based recruiters who are frustrated by the lack of established and reputable rec2rec...

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  • Jobs in Recruitment London

    Date posted: 25 Nov 2013

    One of the most common searches for recruiters looking to find a role in London is “jobs in recruitment London”. This is used by people who are looking to kick-start their career in...

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  • Rec2Rec Manchester

    Date posted: 22 Nov 2013

    Rec2rec Manchester is a search commonly used by experienced Recruiters looking to relocate to Manchester, or Manchester based recruiters who are frustrated by the lack of established and...

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  • Graduate Rec2rec

    Date posted: 21 Nov 2013

    Graduate rec2rec is a search term most commonly used by recent graduates looking to launch their career in recruitment. So, how can we help? We meet with every single candidate and client...

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  • Trainee Recruitment Jobs

    Date posted: 19 Nov 2013

    Trainee recruitment jobs is a very common search term used by people looking to launch their career within recruitment. So, how can we help? We meet with all of our clients, enabling us to...

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  • Careers in Recruitment

    Date posted: 17 Nov 2013

    Careers in recruitment is a search term, typically used by people who are looking to land their first recruitment role, but also by experienced recruiters looking to make the next step in their...

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  • What is rec2rec

    Date posted: 15 Nov 2013

    A common question that is googled, typically by junior recruiters and people looking to land a trainee role within recruitment, is “what is rec2rec?” Well, a rec2rec agency is simply a...

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  • Rec2Rec Definition

    Date posted: 13 Nov 2013

    Rec2Rec definition is a fairly common search that, typically people who are new to recruitment or looking to break into recruitment, will make when considering options. So, what is...

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  • International Rec2Rec

    Date posted: 11 Nov 2013

    International Rec2Rec is one of the most common searches when Recruiters start searching for new roles, but why is this? Generally speaking, and particularly after their first role in...

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  • Rec2Rec Dublin

    Date posted: 09 Nov 2013

    Rec2rec Ireland is a common search term used by recruiters looking to relocate to Ireland, but also by recruiters and agencies who are frustrated by the lack of rec2rec presence in...

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  • Rec2Rec Singapore

    Date posted: 07 Nov 2013

    Rec2Rec Singapore is one of the most common searches that Consultants do when looking at international opportunities – but why is this, and what do Recruiters need to consider when looking...

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  • Rec2Rec USA

    Date posted: 05 Nov 2013

    Rec2Rec USA is one of the most frequent searches that Consultants do when considering international opportunities, but why is this? Generally speaking, and particularly in the colder months,...

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  • Rec2Rec Australia

    Date posted: 03 Nov 2013

    Rec2Rec Australia is an incredibly common search that Consultants do when looking at international opportunities – so, why is this? Generally speaking, and particularly in the colder...

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  • Rec2Rec Dubai

    Date posted: 01 Nov 2013

    Rec2Rec Dubai is one of the most frequent searches that Consultants do when considering international opportunities, but why is this? Generally speaking, and particularly in winter, when...

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