Watch This Spectacular Recruiter Fail!

  • Date posted: 02 Sep 2016
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Many of you may have already seen this Recruiter from Harrow gain a lot of interest, for all the wrong reasons, during a recent X-factor audition broadcast last week. If you’re anything like us you will laugh, cringe and then groan once her job title as a Recruiter comes up! 

While the audition was most definitely entertaining there was a very real lesson to learn from this. Unless this is a well crafted wind-up (although we are assured by colleagues and various older You Tube videos that this is genuine), this is a classic example of someone being so involved with their own view of themselves they are failing to take on board feedback or gain insight. The result is a cringey audition that will be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

How many Recruiters suffer the same issue when presenting themselves to clients and candidates? Whether it’s a complete disconnect with what clients and candidates really want or sheer arrogance, many Recruiters just aren’t connecting with their “audience” and let’s face it, whether you work in a job short or candidate short market you are always auditioning as a Recruiter. 

So please, we urge you, make sure you’re not a Honey G! Take some time out to think about what your clients really want (and I can guarantee you it’s not calls asking for vacancies to fill). Think about what your candidates need (it’s rarely just a list of live jobs) and make sure you’re talking to the world in a way that makes sense to them (North Wheezy???) – talk their language not yours. This might mean you need to spend more time actually listening to people than before but it’s worth the investment of your time.

Now don’t let this stop you doing what you need to do, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being brave and putting yourself out there, Recruiters need to do this every single day. BUT there is something wrong with putting yourself out there with almost no self-awareness or knowledge of your market, target audience, and what you offer compared to the rest of the market. When you do this, it results in something akin to what you’ve just watched.

Unfortunately for “Honey G”, she is a classic example of not knowing what you offer against the rest of the market, and completely failing to sense-check your approach before going in guns blazing. 

Know your audienceknow your market, and know how your offering compares to the competition. Three very simple things that can save you an awful lot of embarrassment. 

Oh, and don’t sign up for TV talent shows…


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