10 Easy ways to power up your sales calls

  • Date posted: 08 Jan 2016
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Whatever you call it there is always a time during your day where you need to attack a range of phone calls. Whether the nature of your call is to headhunt candidates, mine your candidate database, generate new contacts or generate new job leads they are all a type of sales calls. You are establishing interest and converting it into something you can work with. But many Recruiters put off their sales calls. Why? Because at heart they hate rejection and mentally have built up a negative image of making sales calls in their minds. But guess what? THIS IS IN YOUR HEAD. Whether you realise it or not you are responsible for making the sales call feel bad – not your clients or candidates.

So here’s how to start having fun with your sales calls and making them more powerful:

1 - So what? Stop thinking that you have to get a YES from everyone you talk to. Not every candidate will be thrilled to hear about your job. Not every client has a vacancy. So what? You don’t need all of them, you just need a few of them and along the way you’ll gather some useful information, raise your profile and connect with interesting people. Stop putting yourself under pressure.

2- Smile. Smiling actually makes you feel happy. Smile while calling people, you will feel happy, your tone of voice will be more engaging, your happy brain will identified more positive opportunities and people will respond to you more warmly.

3- Move. If you have a headset and can move around while you talk all the better. Along with smiling, movement improves your physiology giving you greater energy, more oxygen moves around your body and brain allowing for faster thought processes and adding more “feeling” to your conversation.

4- What’s in it for them? Remember that the person you are calling is probably busy. Get to the point, don’t rush though and clearly articulate what is in this call for them.

5- Anticipate issues. If you think through any potential roadblocks or objections your candidates and clients might have in advance,  not only will you feel more confident making calls you will also be able to handle any “fears” (and let’s face it that’s all objections really are) with ease – converting more of your calls in to real leads.

6- Know your audience. Most businesses are very aware that their performance on their ability to recruit and retain talent.  They need you. Most candidates (c70% by recent LinkedIn studies) are open to new opportunities. 70%. That means if you get your calls right 7 out of 10 people you talk to should be quite receptive. They need you.

7- A little humour is ok. If you know your client or candidate already or feel you have gotten to know them already use a little humour. It is ranked as the most powerful emotion in sales and marketing contexts (think about how popular funny posts are online). It’s proven that introducing humour, particularly into scenarios that involve negotiation, result in a more favourable outcome.

8- Be persistent. As Benjamin Franklin once quoted “energy and persistence conquer all things”. Some of the best Recruiters I know just keep going. It’s the only thing that differentiates their actions from others that are less successful. If you get a “no” once don’t worry about it. Try again next time. If you don’t get through, try again. Keep going.

9- Take a break. If you have 30 calls to get through – do 10 and take a quick break and repeat. It’s easier to manage and you’re resetting your energy levels each time too. It’s proven that people that take quick breaks often do better work.

10- Drink water. Now don’t laugh but do you know how many people don’t drink much at their desk? And by the way fizzy drinks and caffeine don’t count. Drink water and lots of it. Your brain will work better and you will feel better


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