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  • Date posted: 23 Mar 2017
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We all know that a day in the life of a Recruiter is a busy one. In today's digital age, we also have the added demands of managing our online and social media presence too. As a result, the workload for Recruiters has never been heavier and this is leading to a massive drop in productivity through overwhelm.

The key to success here is to combine the traditional methods of recruitment (face to face or via telephone) with the digital tools we have at our disposal, and in a way that doesn't cause us or our desk to implode.

We've already shared some of our best time-saving tricks, but wouldn't it be nice if there were some tools that could make your life easier too...?

Well actually there are many tools out there, but you won't find them internally or promoted to you by bosses that never used them (or in many cases would even know what they are). 

Here are our top picks for the modern day Recruiter.




Buffer is great for organising and scheduling social media posts. 10 minutes at the start and end of each day is enough to create a schedule of compelling and useful posts that are sent out during the day. It's simple to use and a basic account is Free. Simply create an account and connect your Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other accounts that you have, and you can get started.

Easy, time efficient social media posting that doesn't disrupt your day.

Top tips

  • Don't just post jobs. Share content, blogs, tips, advice, news, and more. This is more likely to gain engagement and be useful to your audience and also reinforces your position as an authority in your sector.

  • Create a schedule of the times of day that your networks are most active. Buffer will scan your social media networks and make recommendations. 


Get started with Buffer




Feedly is a way to organise and stay notified of news and online articles relevant to your industry. It also works with Buffer. So you can simply choose which sites are relevant to you and hey presto - a single, daily updated list of great online content that you can share or post with comments. 

Getting this set up is super easy, you just have to search for the news source that you're looking for and, once you've found it, hit follow. You can also search general words and will be given recommendations of feeds that regularly post relevant content.

Top Tips

  • Set up feeds to key bloggers / columnists

  • Set up feeds to industry institutes and governing body news pages

  • Set up feeds to news pages of relevant industry magazines


Get Feedly set up




I think we can all agree that it's important your adverts are aimed at the right audience. TagCrowd allows us to make sure this is the case. Simply paste your advert in, and it will tell you the most prevalent themes in your advert.

Why is this important? First and foremost, it's important that your adverts are being seen by the right people. The more targeted your advert, the better it is for SEO, and the more likely it is to show up higher on Google, LinkedIn, job boards etc.

The above image is what TagCrowd says about an advert that our Director, Richard, has posted for a Trades & Labour Recruitment Consultant. The larger and more visible the word, the more the advert is targeted towards it. It's impossible to have only your ideal words showing up on here, as otherwise, your advert would read like complete gibberish, but as long as the four or five most important words are there, you're fine.

As you can see: construction, recruitment, trades, and labour are some of the most prominent words in this advert, which is great. Obviously, you have to be careful with this - the most important aspect of adverts will always be that they are compelling to read and entice readers to want to know more, but it is also
important that it's easy to find your adverts, and it is possible to achieve both.


Find out if your latest ad is targeting the right audience.



TalentSonar Boolean Generator

Sick of typing out Boolean string after Boolean string? TalentSonar has your back. Just type your terms (separated by commas) into the relevant sections, set "Sourcing Engine" to LinkedIn, and hit "Build it". You'll then be given the string itself, as well as the option to search within LinkedIn, or X-Ray search LinkedIn using Google.

Above you can see a (very basic) example where we're searching for some property recruiters in London.

Top Tip

  • This is a great tool for Recruiters that are frustrated by the issues LinkedIn currently has with the search facility


Build some Boolean





Do you find yourself spending way too much time trying to find contact details for clients and candidates? ContactOut is for you. Install the plugin, register as a user, and view a LinkedIn profile. You'll see an arrow on the right-hand side of your screen, click this to open up the ContactOut menu, and there will be an option to "show" contact details. You can also save profiles if you're working through a large number at a time.


Find some contacts







So, there are 5 free tools that you should be using day to day to save your time, optimise your adverts, and grow your personal brand. Let us know how you get on with these, or if there are any other tools that you've been using which you've found useful!

If you want access to more Recruiter tips and tricks, join our community for exclusive access, and keep an eye out for some time-saving tools of our own that we'll be releasing soon!


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