5 Things Accountancy & Finance Recruiters Should Consider Before Making a Career Move

  • Date posted: 20 Oct 2015
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Your first year in accountancy & finance recruitment is often a time of great transformation, learning about a new industry, coping with hitting targets, understanding all the ups and downs we Recruiters experience and all the while developing your own working style. It's something that all Consultants have to go through and once we feel in control it's important to consider if the firm you are with is the right one for your future career as a Recruitment Consultant.


Taking that all important next step in your career is never easy, you might be concerned about leaving your comfort zone, but it's important to remember that recruitment can look very different at other firms and finding the one best suited to your own style and that matches your values and goals is key to your longterm success.

So if you are starting to feel signs of frustration and are starting to wonder what other options might be out there for you, here are 5 things to consider before taking that next step when exploring new jobs in recruitment:


What kind of firm do you want to work for? You will probably be most successful working for a firm that has similar values to you. The reason you are now considering a move is because you have started to identify the differences between your views and those of your current employer. So where are the differences? What are your values? What should your next employer look and feel like? There is a whole world of difference between a global finance search firm in London and a local boutique focused on Part-Qualified Finance Temp roles.


One of the main reason people look to move on in recruitment is due to being poorly managed or just a plain personality clash. A lack of support and understanding from Management can be extremely frustrating. When making a change in your career it's essential to remember that the people you are working alongside will make or break your day to day happiness at work, so what style gets the best out of you? If you're not sure take our FREE personality profile assessment


While being an entrepreneurial go-getter is all well and good, being part of a well-established and already successful firm is even better. Sometimes you can be sold into an opportunity that you soon realise isn't all it was cracked up to be. Ranging from struggling every day on a cold desk at a small firm, to just being a number at a large cooperate, It's important to get the balance right and have a realistic view of your targets and progression moving forwards. What does "good" look like to you? What tools do you need to be successful? How comfortable are you with new business development vs warm business development? Once you understand this you can look for evidence during your interviews.


One of the best ways of understanding how your future will be played out with a firm is by looking at their current staff. What is the staff turnover like? How much do the current staff bill each month on average? How quickly have people progressed in this firm? What development plans do they have? This will show you how well matched your expectations are.


Once you have a good understanding of how Recruitment works, you'll know the value of strong pre-existing relationships and what tools and support can be provided by the firm. The current resources offered to you will directly affect how quickly you are able to start producing results and also give you an indication of previous success and development within that sector. Think about what you expect in terms or marketing, resourcing and training support. Which accountancy or finance job boards do you rely on? Do you want access to networking events or a client entertainment budget?

It's important to remember when looking for your next role in accountancy & finance recruitment to do your research and understand exactly what it is you want to achieve with your next move or you run the risk of securing a job rather than THE job.

To get into to the best firms you have to have developed your own brand, be clear on your expectations, gain entry to relevant companies and execute a winning strategy in order to negotiate the right offer.

Here at Recruiter Republic, we are dedicated to finding out to helping our candidates understand their strengths and weaknesses, assess their current value in the market and match their goals and values with potential employers. So if you would like help exploring new opportunities in finance recruitment don't hesitate to get in touch.


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