A Recruiter's Guide to a Stress Free Christmas

Let’s face it, there’s no point having a break unless it feels like a break but most Recruiters know that any kind of break often leads to a pipeline that mysteriously dries up overnight.

So how do you properly relax over Christmas and enjoy your break without coming back to a bleak desk and write off your first quarter of the year?

I know it’s a cliché but if you fail to prepare then prepare to fail.

The work you do now will totally dictate your first quarter in 2017 and all you need to do is forward plan to ensure you have activity happening now and in January.

Keep it simple but get it done – here’s our easy to implement action plan with our free planner to download.

Build up your pipeline before the break

Ramp up the activity during the final two weeks before Christmas. We know the office party looms and because fewer people are around it’s easy to take your foot off the gas but seriously – keep going! Critical key actions needed include:

  1. Catch up with all of your existing clients so that you know what their plans are moving into the new year as well as meeting with new clients you haven’t met yet so you’ve got plenty to work on when you get back.

  2. Write those new job adverts NOW and schedule them to post over Xmas and New Year

  3. Schedule candidate meetings for January NOW – create a list of candidates you have talked to over the last few months who have shown signs of making a move and schedule coffee meetings or full registrations for the first two weeks  of Jan. GET THIS DONE NOW and confirm in diaries.

  4. Write and schedule eshots to communicate your newest roles to be sent out to your network / database over Xmas and New Year

By doing this preparation now you can relax and allow your adverts, mailshots and pre-scheduled meetings work for you in the background. As soon as you are back at your desk in January you will be busy straight away with your fixed meetings, new job applications to screen and meet and fresh jobs to work. So while your disorganised colleagues are trying to remember their log-ins you will be way ahead of the game with good activity.

Print off that schedule for January before you leave the office for Xmas and get focused on it straight away when you return.

Have a new year reset

Having a break from work allows for some much-needed thinking time. Use this time to decide what you want to achieve in 2017, both personally and professionally. Write these down somewhere that you will see them every day (there’s science behind this).

Use your time off to fully unwind so that you can return to the office energised, motivated, and ready to achieve your goals.


Recharged, focused on your goals for 2017 and organised with great activity to kick off the new year – you will be unstoppable!

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All the best for 2017!

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