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  • Date posted: 09 Nov 2013
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Rec2rec Ireland is a common search term used by recruiters looking to relocate to Ireland, but also by recruiters and agencies who are frustrated by the lack of rec2rec presence in Ireland.

In recent years, we have taken advantage of this and developed a strong network across Ireland, and have completed numerous retained assignments across various sectors.

We operate in exactly the same way as we do with our UK business that has lead to our excellent reputation across all sectors. This is because, as is the case with any career move, you need to be advised by somebody who knows the market, knows their clients, and can offer genuine advice based on this knowledge.

We take the time to meet with every single client that we decide to represent. This enables us to fully understand the history, goals, divisions, plans, and environment of a business to be able to represent them in the best possible light, and only put forward relevant candidates that would be a strong match.

Similarly, we meet with every single candidate that we represent. This allows us to understand their background, motivations, goals, and what kind of environment and management style it would take for them to fully thrive and achieve their potential.

It is this detailed approach that allows us to only introduce candidates to companies that can enable and encourage them to thrive. 

So if you’re looking to relocate to Ireland, or are a recruiter already in Ireland looking for your next opportunity, feel free to email us on and one of our Consultants will be in touch!


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