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  • Date posted: 27 Nov 2013
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Rec2rec London is a search commonly used by experienced Recruiters looking to relocate to London, or London based recruiters who are frustrated by the lack of established and reputable rec2rec agencies in the area.

So, how can we help?

We make a point of meeting with all of our clients in order to make sure that we fully understand the ins and outs of their business. We know the culture, the management style, the rewards, and what kind of personality will typically thrive in this environment. Likewise, we also meet with all of our candidates to make sure that we fully understand their story so far, what motivates them, what short, medium and long term goals you have, in order to fully understand what kind of environment will allow you to achieve your full potential.

It is this level of deep understanding of both candidate and client that allows us to be able to confidently and honestly advise both candidate and client as to who is a good match for them and why this is.

So, if you’re a Recruiter looking to relocate to London, or a Recruiter currently based in London and frustrated by the lack of truly consultative rec2recs in the area, feel free to email us on and one of our Consultants will be in touch! 


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