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  • Date posted: 07 Nov 2013
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Rec2Rec Singapore is one of the most common searches that Consultants do when looking at international opportunities – but why is this, and what do Recruiters need to consider when looking at moving abroad?

Generally speaking, and particularly in the colder months, when frustrated or bored Recruiters seek inspiration it tends to be in sunnier climes. But the most common issue is that people don’t know whether to start with Visas or research – which country? Which city? What’s the cost of living? Where are the places to avoid? All of this before even being able to consider individual companies. As you can see, it’s no small task.

These are things that can be time consuming, and can often put people off from actually going ahead with the move. It’s incredibly important that when considering a move like this, you have a Consultant who’s used to dealing with these situations, and who you can rely on to offer genuinely meaningful advice.

Before even considering a new opportunity, be it locally, in a new city, or internationally, you have to spend time deciding and defining what it is that you actually want to achieve in your next role, and what it needs to look like. Without this, we won’t be able to offer you any valuable advice.

The key to successfully moving your career abroad is understanding which markets represent opportunities that most closely match your goals and where your skills and experience are most highly valued. After all, you need someone to pay for your relocation, right?


So feel free to email us on and tell us what your international career search criteria looks like, and we can connect you with one of our Consultants who can help.


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