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  • Date posted: 19 Sep 2016
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It's amazing how many recruiters sit unhappy in their roles, and it takes a major incident to shock them out of their career inertia. So, don’t wait for things to go stale. Assess how you feel right now. The following 6 issues are common warning signs that things are heading in the wrong direction.

1 – You don’t get on with your manager

Having a great relationship with your manager is one of the most important things in any job. It can literally fast-track your career path or destroy it if you’re not  careful. If your relationships is good you will find you largely believe in the same  things and your Manager empowers you. If it’s not working you will find you are  often at odds and, as a result, your Manager demotivates you.


2 – You’re not motivated to bill to your full potential

Do you lack motivation when it comes to your billings? This can be caused by a number of things such as management style, toxic office environment, bad  company reputation etc. – but if you’re in a recruitment role and you’re not motivated  to bill to your full potential, you’re probably at the wrong company.

Want an example of just how much of an effect this can have? We recently placed a candidate, who was averaging £15k billings per month at a large corporate, into a boutique agency, and they’re now (less than a year down the line) the top  biller at that company, and averaging £60k per month. Environment is everything.

3 – You find yourself clock watching

When you’re happy in your job and passionate about what you do you will find every day flies past. When you’re demotivated, feeling lost or just plain old burnt out, you will be overcome with lethargy and can struggle to get through the day.  In this scenario you will find yourself deliberately avoiding the activities you need to be doing and will be in survival mode - just getting through the day.

When you’re going through the motions you can’t possible produce the results, fees and earnings that you need which just leads to deeper issues.

4 – You disagree with company methods

This is something that we often come across with recruiters – people who disagree with certain practices that they are either encouraged to do or that are  undertaken by their employers / managers.

Unfortunately, as with every industry, recruitment has its bad eggs. This can be anything from posting fake job adverts to sending CVs without approval, to “scamming hours” (calling up placements whilst pretending to be somebody else).

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people disagree with these practices and are uncomfortable when being encouraged to carry them out. The majority of agencies out there work ethically and openly condemn these practices, so, if you notice this kind of  thing at work, perhaps it’s time to look elsewhere.

5 – You don’t see a clear progression path

It’s surprising to us but even though recruitment firms look for qualities such as ambition, self-motivation and goal-orientated when seeking Consultants they often forget this over the long term. This means that they fail to keep re-setting goals and often fail to commit to giving you what was promised if you deliver.

If your firm is happy to keep taking your billings but don’t want to offer you progression, or even more annoyingly, keep changing the goal posts for promotion, it can lead to real frustration.

If you’re frustrated in this area start asking some challenging questions and if you don’t get the answers you want if might be time to move on.

6 – You have to compromise the way you work due to management style

Many Recruiters start to oppose KPI management as they progress their career. We know that KPI management is essential for Trainee Recruiters as they learn to manage their desk and control outcomes.

However, over time, as Recruiters become more experienced, two key things start to change. 1. Recruiters expect and need more autonomy

2. The same conversion ratios are no longer appropriate.

This over management of KPIs becomes claustrophobic and many  Recruiters find themselves rebelling against imposed targets that just don’t make sense for their desk.

There are only two outcomes in this scenario – you bend to the will of management to avoid conflict but become more and resentful over time or you leave to join firms that can offer greater autonomy.

So what next?

Whether it’s just one or several of these issues affecting you currently it’s time to wake up! Life is short and you spend too much time at work to not enjoy it. The most successful people in recruitment are those that love what they do and are surrounded by similar people.

So take action. If you can’t improve things where you are we can guarantee you there are many other firms out there could change your work life for the better.

Change it today. Will the day happen to you or will you happen to the day?

You decide.


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