Recruiters - The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with One Step

  • Date posted: 24 Oct 2016
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Here's Our Advice on How to Get Started Again Once You've Hit a Roadblock

Never has a phrase been so relevant to the life of a Recruiter.

No matter who we are, how successful we have been or how fantastic our billing profiles are, we have all reached that point (and if you’re new listen up – it will happen to you too) where our desk implodes and it feels impossible to rebuild.

There are many reasons for this. If you want to blame the world you will be able to find plenty of excuses to hide behind. You went on holiday and someone didn’t look after your desk, that bloody candidate did the dirty on you and didn’t start, that annoying client withdrew an offer, your boss demotivated you, you were ill ….. if you want to find an excuse then there are plenty. But what it all boils down is activity.

If you are feeding your desk enough activity it can withstand things going wrong. If you have enough activity the odd drop out doesn’t matter. However you got to this point doesn’t matter – for whatever reason you are now staring down into an abyss wondering where your placements are going to come from.

I hate to break it to you but it happens to all of us. I’m here to tell you SO WHAT.

I’m urging you to take responsibility and own your situation. Nobody that’s been successful got there without a few failures (or what we prefer to call learns). Are you willing to own the turnaround? I’m telling you now – the quicker you own your situation the quicker you will arrive at your recovery.

So accept it. This happens to the best of us and you now have a choice. You can sit and stare at your PC and mope and moan and waste another month or two before you get your act together or you just get on with it.

So what to do? What’s the big magic secret fix.


I know that sounds a bit basic but it’s true. So many Recruiters I know completely complicate this scenario. They stare at a black hole of activity (and yes, I’ll say it again, it’s always a lack of activity that leads you here) and start panicking. They either waste time on a quick fix (that rarely works) or freeze, panic,  and do nothing.

Just do something and get it out of your head. You haven’t suddenly lost it. Your market hasn’t disappeared. Actually today is no different to any other. You’re the same person you were on your best month. You probably have more experience and skill than you did then. I’m here to tell you that you CAN fix it.

Just decide to BEGIN.

That’s it.

Get busy. Call your clients for an update. Update your top candidates with live roles and really talk to them. Start attacking your best jobs and start speccing out known candidates. Don’t focus on the result – focus on getting busy again.

I promise you that’s all you need to do. You don’t need to set off the emergency flare. You own this.

So decide - are you going to happen to your desk or is your desk going to happen to you?

Will you be the hero or the victim?

It’s always a choice.

And it starts with one step….

You can do it.


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