Squad Goals or Nah?

  • Date posted: 20 Nov 2017
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Your recruitment squad, tribe, team, whatever you want to call it, can be just as big a contributor to your success or failure in recruitment as your own work, skills and mindset.

Before calling me crazy, hear me out.

Your team at work is really no different to  your group of friends that you socialise with on a regular basis. Think about it, the make-up of that group can totally dictate how good a night out you have. With the right mix of personalities evening in a dive bar with low funds can be the best night out ever and with the wrong mix it doesn’t matter what you or where you go or how much cash you have available to flash, you just won’t be feeling it.

If you want to be successful in recruitment, and more importantly, have fun while you do it, then you need the “ultimate” squad.

So how do you know if you’re with the right people? Or perhaps even trickier, how you can tell if the team you are joining will boost or hinder your work?

Let’s start with the team you currently have.

Take a quick look around you. Do you see a group of people that will thrive no matter what? Is this a team that lifts each other up when you’re having a bad day, week or month? Does this team share ideas, candidates, knowledge and leads? Does this team even like each other? Do they spend time together outside of the office?

Or are there undercurrents? Is there gossip? Are there fall outs over who owns which candidate, job or client? Are people holding back leads and knowledge? Is it every man for himself?

We’ve researched this topic endlessly. We’re massive fans of personality profiling and team dynamics. We genuinely find it fascinating how some recruiters can die a slow death in some teams and yet thrive in another. It’s why we spend so my time researching this topic and it informs everything we do when helping our fellow Recruiters to explore new environments.

We know only too well the power of being with the right people at the right time and the pitiful career suicide of staying with the wrong tribe.

So we’re about to share some useful points. If you can tick these points of the list, the chances are that you’re part of a winning team. If not, you might want to take immediate action.

How many of these statements can you agree with when it comes to your team?


  1. In a team meeting, most of the team will share at least one piece of advice or information to help someone else on the team.
  2. When the team is off target, everyone pushes forward together to catch up on those KPI’s and placements, even if many individuals have already hit target
  3. You haven’t had an inner team dispute over fees, candidates or clients for quite a long time
  4. Your team has a say on any incoming new joiners
  5. Your team socialises together on a regular basis
  6. If someone on the team has a hard time, personal or business related, they get support and encouragement from the rest of the team
  7. Laughter is a sound often heard on your team
  8. You have nick names for each other


  1. Your leader encourages discussion, ideas and delegates


  1. When you look at your team they physically look happy / smile a lot


Now I know that some of these statements may feel very simple, but they are very real indicators of whether a team works well together or not.

Some of these may surprise you when you reflect on them.

Obviously, the ideal is to tick off all 10 statements. Realistically to be your best you need all ten, but most successful teams, if they’re being honest, can tick off at least 8.

If you can’t tick off 8 of those statements you’re working in a sub-optimal environment and either you need work to shake that team of yours up or you need to find a new one.

If you want help – you know where to find us. Maybe your ultimate squad is waiting for you?


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