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  • Date posted: 14 Sep 2017
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It’s no secret that being a recruiter can be stressful at times.

At times, it can feel as though you’re juggling grenades, working tirelessly for candidates and clients that abuse your service which can really get to you when you remember that you’re the one putting in all the work up front with no guarantee of reward or payment.

So when it feels as though that work is abused or undermined, it’s not uncommon for the red mist to descend, causing a brief moment of rage.

Most of us discipline our disappointment and move on. But there are some Recruiters out there who takes things a bit too personally.

The ones that look for revenge.

Some of these stories have been shared confidentially so we’ve put our heads together and compiled a list of the most OTT revenge stories we have heard... Enjoy.

All that glitters is not gold….

One stricken recruiter experienced the pain that every recruiter will go through at some point and every recruiter hates. You get a job on, qualify the client’s needs, do everything by the book, and set off to work to fill the newly found vacancy. Hundreds of CVs sifted, god knows how many telephone interviews conducted, the stand-out candidates met, and the best 3 sent across. But no. All of a sudden, the client goes quiet and the preferred candidate goes AWOL. A few weeks later it all makes sense. The client has taken them on behind your back.

We’re not sure if it had been a particularly bad week/month for this Recruiter, but this was one step too far, the client had pushed them over the edge and would now receive the full force of an angry recruiter. Our faceless recruiter ventured online, got out their debit card, and sent an anonymous parcel addressed to the client. This parcel was, of course, a glitter bomb.

The recruiter obviously never got to see the glittery mess they made of the clients’ office, but they did get to hear all about it over the phone as this particular client was one hell of a talker, and said recruiter made sure the client knew who it was from.

The Counter Offer Counter

You know that candidate you were so sure you were going to place, showed all the right signals, accepted the offer and couldn’t wait to resign and couldn’t wait to leave? The one that assured you that there was nothing their boss could say to convince them to stay?

Yeah, the one that took the counter offer, that’s the one.

Well one particularly peeved recruiter wasn’t having it. They snapped and – their words, not ours “sent them a steaming pile of sh*t –to show them what they thought of them.”

Yep, they found out that they could anonymously send fake, smelly poo to their candidate.

Again, this Recruiter obviously never got to see the reaction, but were happy enough to know that they had the last laugh. Happy days.

The Thieving Colleague

One particular construction recruiter that we know decided to take internal issues into their own hands when their repeat offender colleague yet again tried to steal a candidate/client of theirs.

They took advantage of the fact that this colleague isn’t the most technically proficient, nor did they have the keenest eye for detail, and devised a cunning plan. They also took advantage of Microsoft Word’s editable autocorrect feature, waited for the colleague to leave their desk for lunch (they never locked their PC – big mistake), and set to work.

Suddenly, the colleague’s clients all thought he hated his candidates, as CVs of “Shite Managers” were dispersed left, right, and centre, with the recruiter none the wiser, despite now also donning a brand new email signature.

We doubt that management would’ve been too pleased when they found out what had happened, and it’s definitely one of the riskier revenge stories we’ve come across, but apparently, it was worth it.

Annoying the Annoyer

One recruiter finally broke one day after suffering the ongoing, teeth grinding, irritation of being stuck next to an obnoxious Recruiter. You know the one, has a story for everything, everything you’ve done they’ve done before you and better and constantly offering advice you didn’t ever ask for. You’d literally rather chew on tinfoil while running your nails down a blackboard than listen to this person’s drivel.

Finally losing it after another never ending story, our fellow recruiter decided to have some fun. And we actually think this story is pretty genius. They hid a spare wireless keyboard in their drawer and plugged the Bluetooth USB into the back of the annoying colleague’s PC, and would randomly hijack their colleagues computer. Consistently sending them into a rage to the point of physical violence when random letters would appear or lines deleted while they were working. 

Simple yet brilliant.

Annoying the Annoyer Pt. 2

An almost identical situation to the one above, but a different approach to revenge.

As our hero above, they waited for some time on their victim’s PC, went onto Chrome, and installed an add-in called “Cenafy”.

What does this do? Nothing, for a lot of the time. It will randomly decide that sometimes, when you open a new tab, it will hijack it with a very loud video of the famous wrestler John Cena’s ring entrance for the entire office to enjoy.

It took the colleague a while to figure out what was happening, so the office was treated to Cena’s finest a fair few times.

Subtle, embarrassing, enraging, hilarious.


Have you heard of/witnessed/enacted anything that would make it onto this list? Let us know!

It goes without saying we share these stories with you as you would with your mates over a beer. By no means are we condoning these acts of revenge – but boy did they make us laugh hearing about them, and if that isn’t a stress reliever we don’t know what is…


Until next time….


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