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  • Date posted: 07 Aug 2015
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First I was mad. Then I was bemused. Then I felt vengeful for a few minutes and then I laughed, a lot. The blatant theft of some of our recent blog posts is unfortunately a sad indication of how some recruitment dinosaurs just don't "get" how modern day recruitment works.

They are sadly looking at their phones and wistfully remembering the days of hammering the yellow pages to get jobs in that are easy to fill.

Recruitment has changed. Today data is available to everyone. Employment is high and jobs are easy to generate. The real key to success in recruitment is to find "exclusive" candidates to represent to your key clients. And this is where many Recruiters just don't get how to blend "old skool" phone skills with modern day recruitment marketing.

Now don't get me wrong, I am as "old skool" as they come when it comes to thephone first / email second mentality and we all know the only way you can really influence someone is face to face or on the phone. However, how do you get to a face-to-face meeting or phone call in the first place? By great marketing and content generation. Or (cough cough) curating other people's content but always remembering to CREDIT THEIR WORK.

You see today reputation is everything. And reputation is generated largely online. So you absolutely have to be online and you have to have a visible presence. But that doesn't mean that being a recruitment pest by constantly poking people with lame job specs is going to work for you. It's about contributing to your industry. Offering your candidates something of value. Building a following. Evolving a voice of authority.

This means mastering the art of communication and marketing and knowing how to use the tools needed to deliver your content. These vehicles will be different depending on which industry you are focused on because, quite simply, you have to be where your candidates are. If that's at the local pub or on Pinterest, joining a community forum or attending an industry event, it doesn't matter. Be where they are. Know your stuff. Have an opinion. Offer some value and guess what these potential candidates will remember you. They will see you in a position of authority and trust your advice and HALLELUJAH they come to you BEFOREthey start searching for a new role.

So go explore. Read a lot. Have an opinion and share it. But for pity's sake, whatever you do, 
DON'T STEAL ANOTHER RECRUITER'S CONTENT like this guy did a few days ago, not once but TWICE!





We're taking the moral high ground - after all they say imitation is the highest form of flattery right?

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