The Great Divide - Which Side Are You On?

  • Date posted: 27 Oct 2016
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Are you working for a firm that's investing and growing, or cutting costs and shrinking? 


Despite certain fears concerning the fallout of Brexit, the recruitment market is enjoying a period of real strength.


Employment figures from the ONS show that employment is up 173,000 and we have now have more people in work than ever before. We have 2.7million more jobs than in 2010 (this is despite the public sector losing a million jobs – so the private sector has actually created 3.7million new jobs). This means that the majority of Recruiters should be continuing to perform at optimum levels.


However, it doesn’t necessarily feel this way for Consultants in every firm and this is because many management teams did not learn the lessons they needed to during the recession, or have forgotten them! I hate to say it but some firms have become lazy again and over dependent on large key accounts or major corporate PSL partnerships – as a result, they are overexposed to specific sectors or clients and have failed to ensure their business is diverse which means the smallest ripple of unease has a major effect.


This over-reliance on specific client accounts has led them to develop of teams that don’t know how to go and win business or perhaps don’t even want to.


So while trading conditions are very strong there is a marked difference in how some businesses are performing and in essence it boils down to the culture and focus of the company as a whole. While I don’t want to pigeon-hole the entire industry, we are once again seeing strong performances from the independent recruitment brands over the PLC’s.


Independent doesn’t mean small by the way, it means the non-corporates, the ones with flatter management structures where leaders stay connected to the heart of their business and where dense layers of management are not strangling their business through over zealous KPI management and demotivating cost-cutting measures.


The market literally couldn’t be more extreme in terms of look and feel for its employees.  There are Consultants out there in major firms literally not knowing what to do and genuinely believing the market is flat running for what they think is the safety of in-house and on the other side of the recruitment fence you have well-trained recruitment professionals, networking, generating vacancies and placing roles on strong fee scales.


The difference is company direction, strong hands on leadership and consultants that know, and more importantly love, to go out and actually network and meet people.


So as a Recruiter you have to ask yourself the following:

Are you surrounded by success?

There is a well-known theory that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Are you surrounded by successful high-performing people at work?


Are you inspired by leadership?
Do the management team in your firm inspire you? Do they have a plan you believe in and are they investing in you and your team?


Is your firm expanding or contracting?

If your firm investing in more people, tools, and training?


If your answers are mainly no’s then it might be time to join a firm that can provide you with more yes’s.


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