Top 5 Signs That a Recruitment Consultant is Job Hunting

  • Date posted: 06 Jan 2014
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It's that time of year when many Recruiters seem to be looking at new opportunities, and for us that's great. As the most proactive Rec2Rec firm in the UK, we love to help Recruitment Consultants by creating great new career opportunities. However, many Consultants do get themselves into trouble by not handling the process very well - so take notice and avoid these Top 5 Signs that will tell your recruitment boss that you are looking for new opportunities... YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

1 New Suit 

Many of our clients tell us that they know when their team member is looking for a new job when they suddenly appear at work wearing new shirts, new shoes or even a whole new suit. So okay, this can also just be your own standards of keeping smart and spending that hard earned commission but ask yourself this? Is it out of the blue? And is it also combined with a sudden flurry of dentist/doctors’ appointments? I rest my case.

2 Dentist / Doctors / Sick days 

The other key giveaway, ranked #2 by Recruiter Bosses, is the sudden flurry of Doctor's or Dentist appointments or individual days off sick. If you're going to take time off to attend interviews using this excuse, then you had better have a great game-face, as most Bosses will see through this in a heartbeat. So don't act surprised or offended when they start quizzing you, they're not being horrible they just know! Instead book a day off and attend several interviews in one day.

3 Attitude 

There is nothing quite like a sudden swing in attitude to wave a red flag at a Recruitment Boss. So you may have been frustrated for a while and had many issues simmering away that you haven't communicated but please BE CAREFUL. Many Consultants that attend interviews find themselves finally venting their true feelings, and with egos newly massaged by keen prospect employers, you can sometimes struggle to carry on hiding your feelings. Resist the urge to start declaring your opinions or airing your grievances at any given opportunity until you have your new offer in hand and accepted. You don't want to go burning any bridges - KEEP A LID ON IT!

4 Secret Phone Calls 

Your boss has been round the block, several times, so don't think taking phone calls in the office is ever going to be a good idea. Stilted and awkward one-sided conversations are a dead giveaway, as is answering a call and asking someone to hold on while you stalk out of the office. Instead use your lunch breaks and conduct calls away from prying eyes and tuned-in ears!

5 Uploading CVs onto CV/Job Boards 

This is an EPIC FAIL - we still see an alarming number of these every day. If you want to discreetly look for new opportunities either make direct applications or come talk to us, but NEVER put your CV on a job board. Your firm probably has access and will see it OR potential new employers will think you are desperate and have nothing to lose.

So, if after reading this, you want to ahead and review your options, do so discreetly and professionally. If you feel the need for some attention from your Boss don't do it by pretending to be job-hunting or getting headhunted ...just talk to them! I can guarantee you they don't want to lose you.

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