Why Recruiters should Eat Frogs for Breakfast...

  • Date posted: 02 Mar 2018
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Eat the frog... what the f***?


Anyone that knows us has probably seen our posts encouraging Recruiters to adopt a winning or “big billing” mindset. But recently we had one that caused a lot of emails and messages to come in. EAT THE FROG is a common phrase in our office and it’s one I have personally worked to for most of my career. So I was initially confused to see so many questions coming in about this… I genuinely thought this was one of those common phrased used in most recruitment environments but perhaps not… So I thought I would share it with you because it has definitely been a strategy I have used throughout my career. 

Mark Twain once said that if the first thing you do each morning is to eat a live frog, you can go through the day with the satisfaction of knowing that that is probably the worst thing that is going to happen to you all day long.


In recruitment I think this philosophy has to be adopted.

We work in a world where we spin plates all day dealing with candidates and clients (all volatile human beings) that change their minds or don’t get they wanted even when we have worked hard to help them. If we don’t have strategies to help us deal with these scenarios we can’t possibly achieve our best.

While there are many upsides to being a Recruiter the one downer of our work is that we often have to deliver bad news; to that client has to be told that their candidate that won’t now attend interview, to that candidate who needs to be informed that your client that is now withdrawing their offer, to that temp who is underperforming but your client wants you to tell them, to your boss who doesn’t know that your temp hasn’t put his timesheets in now you’ll miss target, to that colleague who doesn’t know that your shared perm placement has failed and now affects this months result…

The list can be endless in recruitment and if you’re not careful procrastinating can just create a snowball effect with the force of a freight train crashing through your desk.

That’s a lot to deal with – even without all the many and varied tasks we have to manage as Recruiters and lets face it – we’re not all brilliant at every aspect are we? We might be great at marketing but rubbish at cold calling. Great at headhunting but inept at compliance and admin. Awesome in front of clients but a mess when it comes to writing job adverts. We can try and avoid they things we don’t like doing here too.

So what to do? How do you take control instead of letting these scenarios or jobs on your to do list control you?


Every morning, just as Mark Twain said, you show the world that these issues don’t control you or your day. So before you start your day do the following:

- Decide exactly what you want from your day

- Write it down – we can’t stress this enough - thinking on paper is critical.

- Set a deadline on your goal and make it non-negotiable.

- List the steps necessary to achieve your goal

- Organize the list into a plan broken down into chunks

- Within your plan identify your FROGS

- Eat them first before you do anything else

- Eat the UGLIEST frog first

If you want to read up more about eating frogs and how to stop procrastinating then we definitely recommend this book by Brian Tracy “EAT THAT FROG

The best Recruiters we know are unstoppable because they believe in their own abilities. They understand that certain things just have to get done and they do them.

So adopt this big biller tip and see how more empowered and in control you feel. You will feel an instant effect. 

Enjoy those FROGS – I hope you’re hungry! 

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