Stronger than you know

You're capable of more and we know the firms that will see it


Don’t suffocate under overbearing management.

You know what you’re doing and you’re motivated.

So you really don't need the constant nagging and follow-up from a Boss that doesn't think you can manage your own time.

Instead of being constantly chased up about KPI’s, you want:

Mentoring for advanced recruitment skills
Quality time to talk to your boss
Headroom to manage your own desk or business
Freedom to make your own decisions
More flexible KPI’s

You’ve done your time, you’ve proven yourself, it’s time to assert yourself.

You have two choices. 

Wait for a new boss to take over – but how long will that take?
Or join a firm that believe in a different style of management.

But how do you know which recruitment consultancies offer this?

That’s where we come in.

We know which firm can give you what you want and how to secure an offer with them.

You’re stronger than you know and you have more options than you think.

Let’s get started on your career transformation.


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Recruiters! Take control!

You don't have to be managed constantly to get great results.

We know many successful firms that produce great results without the need for endless red-tape, constant micro-management or kpi bashing.

We want to help you find the roles where you can work with greater independence and really show them what you're capable of.

Your next job in recruitment is waiting...


Make your own decisions and work to a business plan you can own.

Constructive feedback

Get positive feedback to help you perform.

Reasonable expectations

Most over-management comes for target stress. Work for someone that is reasonable in their expectations.

Real mentoring

Instead of being chased for KPI's, how nice would it be to work for someone that can actually coach you on technique?

Don't just take our word for it

Take a look at some of the transformations we have achieved for our candidates.

If it can happen for them it can happen for you.

Will your transformation appear next?

Mike Trollope Placed by Tara @ Recruiter Republic Associate Partner - Cedar

Mike was becoming disillusioned in recruitment, stuck in a corporate environment. We helped him to change all that - he's trebled his billings and gained two promotions already... see how he did it.

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