Recruiters! Get your work life balance back

Success in recruitment doesn't have to mean long hours


You love what you do. You just want balance.

You want to work smarter not harder.

You’re still ambitious – you just want time to enjoy your life outside of recruitment too.

You're working hard
You can be trusted to work with more freedom
You’d love to have a little more flexibility when you need it
You’re sure there must be firms that will allow this

But you don’t know what your options are


Life's too short to settle for second best

Let us show you the firms that will set you free.

We know which recruitment agencies support greater work life balance and which ones don’t.

We also know what strategies you need to secure a place in their team

Shorter Hours

It's about working smarter not harder. You don't have to work all hours to be sucessfully in recruitment.


Want to work from home some days? Want to work part-time? Want the tools to allow for remote working? 

Financial freedom

Work life balance is about choice. When you're achieveing your true value and accessing the best remuneration schemes your life outside of work suddenly opens up.

Stress free

Not every firm will work you to burn out. Let's show you the firms that will genuinely care about your well-being.

More holiday

Wouldn't like more annual leave as standard? Maybe the flexibility to buy and sell additional days? Some firms now offer unlimited holiday!

Stay local

Ditch the soul-destroying commute and work closer to home. What would you do with 2 extra house of "me time" a day?

Don't just take our word for it

Take a look at some of the transformations we have achieved for candidates seeking greater work life balance.

Mike Trollope Placed by Tara @ Recruiter Republic Associate Partner - Cedar

Mike was becoming disillusioned in recruitment, stuck in a corporate environment. We helped him to change all that - he's trebled his billings and gained two promotions already... see how he did it. 

Beverly Gedge Placed at Compass Point Operations Director

See how Beverley achieved a role that offered flexibility and part time hours without compromising rewards or responsibility.

Max Hutchings Placed at Tec Partners Recruitment Consultant

See how we secured a new role in a new county for Max so he didn't have to live away during the week and have a long commute home every weekend.

Cameron Sondhi Placed at Finatal Executive Consultant

Cameron wanted the London life and rewards - see how we helped him to achieve his dream role in London

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