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We are at the cutting edge of recruitment and are fortunate to be held in high esteem as the onlyaward winning rec2rec agency. We're the people that help our fellow recruiters to make total career transformations. If you're going to be a recruiter then do it with a firm that recruits with heart, that are totally immersed in their industry and held in high regard. We're the company that teach other recruiters how to be outstanding and achieve their best. If you join us, you're joining the elite.

What We Look For


Tara Lescott - Founder

We look for pretty special people to join our team. We are unlike any other rec2rec business, and we are very different to the clients we serve. We know how to make candidates successful, and we know that our transformation formula really works. We don’t just find jobs; we create careers. We provide a safe haven for Recruiters to develop their skills, seek mentoring and explore new career opportunities. We must treasure the trust that is placed in us.

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It's not all work work work...

We believe in having fun while we work, celebrating wins, setting ourselves incentives and rewarding top performance. So if we're not in the office you might find us out having dinner and cocktails, enjoying VIP hospitality at premiership football games or England rugby matches or Wimbledon, going to comedy festivals or West End Shows. If it makes us laugh and it's something we all enjoy - we'll do it.


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